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5 Tips to Easy Character Creation in Anime Studio

Posted by Emmy Rey on Aug 26, 2015 8:55:11 AM

McCoy Buck is a Freelance animator making animated tutorial videos for clients using Anime Studio and a full-time instructor on Udemy teaching 1200+ students Character Design MADE EASY in Anime Studio Pro. He also has three YouTube channels dedicated to teaching other Anime Studio users - tips, tricks and techniques, with step by step tutorials, as well as an Anime Studio Facebook group, page, and YouTube channel for Pros. So we asked McCoy to give us his top 5 tips for easily creating characters in Anime Studio.

1. Draw simple shapes - Before you even begin, remember, when creating in Anime Studio you are simply drawing and connecting shapes. Let's draw simple shapes that make up our character. With the Draw Shapes Tool drag out the shapes seen here.


2. Add points and curves - Doesn't look that great does it? Let's go ahead and add points to our character using the Add Points Tool and curve the points where necessary using the Curvature Tool. Note: The character is still made up of shapes.


3. Hide edge - Now we hide the edges using the Hide Edge Tool. This allows us to make the character not appear to be made of just shapes.


4. Define features - It is most helpful to have an idea or drawing of what your character looks like. Quick tip: draw everything out first. I will now, use all of these tools to create the character and define the features.


5. Add detail: The last step is optional, dependent upon how you want to create your character. Using the Hide Edge Tool bring back the strokes that you want. With the Line Width Tool taper the edges to give it a more refined look. Whether you want to give him one eye, razor sharp teeth, horns….that is up to you. ;)


To learn more about how to easily create and design characters like this, be sure to check out the most popular and widely searched course under animation and 3D on Udemy:

mcCoy buck

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Happy Creating!

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