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Takin' a Break With: Jason Cozy

Posted by Emmy Rey on Sep 2, 2015 9:05:25 AM

In this blog series “Takin’ a Break With” we sit down with different employees here at Smith Micro Software and get to know them a bit better. We’ll discuss all things from what they are currently working on at Smith Micro to what their favorite break time snack is! Hope you enjoy getting to know us a bit better!

Name: Jason Cozy

Hometown: la Crosse, Wisconsin

Joined Smith Micro: 2005

Title: Sr. Manager

When did you first start creating digital art?

I started in 1987. My dad had a recording and multimedia studio with a Mac II, scanner and color printer. I was lucky enough to be able to learn and create some projects for him and his clients. The most memorable project was an animated video project for my High School Mass Media class. We scanned Polaroids of a couple classmates and our teacher and then proceeded to animate a short sequence and print it out to VHS and edit with some live action. We experimented with printing digital artwork to film prints and later onto Iris and Giclee prints on watercolor paper and canvas.

What do you enjoy most about working at Smith Micro?

I really enjoy working with a great bunch of people on creative projects. Creating tools to empower the artist in others is pretty awesome too.

Who/What inspires you to create?

I take inspiration from the world around me. Always take that moment to take in a sunset, a full moon rising behind some clouds or a dragonfly that does circles around you. It's always there. We just have to take a breath and slow down for a moment to recognize it. Literally take a second to smell the roses. In those short moments I find all sorts of inspiration.

What piece of art are you most proud of and why?

It seems to always be the latest creation, but looking back I have a couple that will always be tacked up in my workspace. One of my first creations was in Mac paint. I collaged a photo of two guys in suits shaking hands. I then added myself and Einstein into the picture. It was difficult to pull off working on it pixel by pixel to get the shading right on the necks. We didn’t have all undo, layers and all the fancy tools and filters that we have now. It's a reminder of the past. I have another of a piece of artwork I created of an Orchid that I had Giclee printed on canvas, this one usually hangs in my office. And the third is a photo I took in Bristlecone Pines. It was amazing to walk amongst trees that were thousands of years old.

jason cozy Orchid printed on canvas

What are you currently working on at Smith Micro?

I manage the quality of our products. I'm doing a lot of feature testing to make sure we provide a quality software product to our customers, this way they spend less time dealing with issues, more time creating!

What’s you ideal vacation spot?

I love new places and am happy with change, so even though we do visit some places repeatedly I am most open to the adventure of new places. Ideal location: unknown. Ideal elements: Walking or a hike, a good meal, a great sunset and some element of nature, be it the beach or the mountains. I am really interested in going back to Italy and exploring new areas of the country.

What’s your favorite break time snack?

I make a soft-shell taco/wrap with hummus, quinoa, red onion, red pepper, cucumber, feta, avocado and lettuce. I could eat that everyday along with some fresh fruit!

Are you currently working on any art? If so, tell us a bit about it.

I always have a few pieces or projects I am working on simultaneously. Currently it's a lot to do with my photography which you can see on my Instagram: DistinctSun, but I have also been inspired to create stylistic and natural media brush sets for Manga Studio and Anime Studio. As I create these brushes I have also been challenging myself to use them in projects which is great because I then tweak them and refine and improve them. I really enjoy creating them.

11335477_108299996173249_192678726_n Fire at Lake Chelan July 2013

11356955_1629535133955213_756038455_n Monterey Bay Aquarium

To purchase Jason's brushes, visit our Anime Studio Add-on's page! To learn more about Anime Studio visit our website.

Happy Creating!

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