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6 Ways to Use Sock Puppets in the Classroom

Posted by Emmy Rey on Sep 22, 2015 4:44:05 AM


The free app Sock Puppets is used widely in the classroom. Kids love puppets and the prevalence of the iPad, iPod Touch or iPad make it a convenient tool for teacher. The distorted voice replay and multiple puppets, backgrounds and props make any learning fun for kids especially between the ages 7-11. Here are 6 ways to use Sock Puppets in the classroom:

1. Student introductions. This is a fun and entertaining way to help students break the ice and to help alleviate those first day jitters.

2. Generating ideas. A fun way to start brainstorming ideas through speech before getting stories out on paper.

3. Create short dialogs. Have one puppet ask a question and the other can answer. Replay the videos to reinforce the correct answer.

4. Display conflict resolution methods. Have students record their own conflict scenarios and make a dialogue between two puppets solving their problems. Teacher Mr. Eric Hills explains how he used Sock Puppets to create a fun and interesting exercise to describe different ways for his students to communicate with one another.

sock_treehouse5. Engage students. A great way to teach students about science concepts, history events or appropriate social behavior.

6. Teach and learn conversational skills and manners. In a review by Heather Strebel, she wrote that she found it useful for her students in speech therapy.

Check out our Sock Puppet playlist to see examples of some of the great videos that you can create with the app. Download Sock Puppets for FREE here!

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