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4 Steps to Creating Automatic Animation with Bone Dynamics

Posted by Victor Paredes on May 5, 2016 11:41:54 AM

Anime Studio's Bone Dynamics tool enables you to easily create automatic animation for parts of your character by simply assigning some values. When Bone Dynamics is activated, those parts will be automatically animated using a physical simulation of springs, allowing you to create a wide range of movements, such as flabby body parts, bouncy hair, waving arms, etc.

To apply this effect to your characters in just a few minutes, follow these four steps:

STEP 1: Create a simple animation for your character.

Don’t get too caught up here, this animation will only be used to setup the Dynamic Bones. Just catch your character unaware and shake him!


STEP 2: In frame zero, use the Select Bone tool lm_select_bone.png and select the bones you want to move automatically.

In this case, I’m selecting the ears.


And remember you can always use Shift to add more bones to your selection.

STEP 3: In frame zero, open the Bone Constraints window and check Bone Dynamics.

Bone Dynamics have three forces: Torque, Spring and Damping:


Modifying those values, can create softer or more bouncy movement. These values will depend on the result you want and can vary from character to character. This is completely up to you and the type of effect you're looking for. Below is an example of 3 different value combinations to show the difference in effect:


Not to worry, you won’t need to guess what values will work with your character, because...

STEP 4: Test different numbers in real time!

Just hit play and open the Bone Constraints window again. You have two ways to modify the values:

  • If working with a mouse, just drag the mouse wheel over the value you want to modify.
  • If using a pen, drag the right click button from left to right or from right to left.

Since the animation is playing, you will see how each number affects your character in real time.


Follow Through and Overlapping actions are apart of The Principles of Animation. If you haven’t heard about them, I recommend you watch this great video by Alan Becker:

(You can activate subtitles on them. The videos have been translated to several languages.)

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful! 

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