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6 Great Resources for Budding Digital Illustrators

Posted by Emmy Rey on Jun 26, 2016 10:00:00 AM

We've compiled a list of resources for artists new to digital illustration. These are just a few of our favorite options, as we couldn't list all of them, there are far too many! Since there is so much out there as far as education goes, what's most important is finding what works best for you.

1. How to be an Illustrator by Darrel Rees - This is a great book for those that are new to digital illustration and are inspired to pursue a career in creating digital art. This book teaches you practical skills from how to prep your portfolio to establishing a book of clients. This resource is for the budding freelance illustrator, who is really motivated to build a career for themselves. You can get this book on

Cover of How to be an Illustrator

2. Manga Studio For Dummies by Doug HillsThis book is a great resource for beginners interested in creating Manga style comics. It teaches them how to create manga illustrations in the 2D digital illustration program Manga Studio, (what is now called CLIP STUDIO PAINT) and which features to use that work best for that genre of digital art. You can get this book on

Cover of Manga Studio For Dummies by Doug Hills

3. George Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing From Life – This is for the budding artist that wants to start from the very beginning. This is an older book, but not to worry it’s still in publication! It’s not necessarily specific to digital illustration, but it is an excellent resource for artists looking to understand the human body, how muscles and bones interact, where they meet and how to draw all of that. Great place to start for beginners interested in using the human form in their digital illustrations. You can get the hardback version on

Cover of George Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing From Life

4. Dynamic Light and Shade by Burne Hogarth – This is another book that’s an oldie, but a goodie. While not a “how to” book exactly, it provides examples of rendering light and shadow – the foundation of any good illustration. This book will help the beginner hone their skills so that when they use a digital illustration program to create, they will understand the importance of shading. You can get the paperback on

Cover of Dynamic Light and Shade by Burne Hogarth

5. 3DTotal.comOn this site you can find various books, magazines and even some videos to help the budding digital illustrator. While the focus of the site is primarily 3D art, they also have a large 2D community and a shop on their site that sells 2D Artist magazine, a publication they make that has a ton of information in it for all levels of artistic ability.

cover of 2D Artist Magazine

Cover of 2D Artist Magazine

6. Last, and certainly not least, LIFE. - This is the best resource and the easiest to get your hands on as a digital illustrator! It’s all around you. Study it. Try to understand it. Break things down to their basic shapes and forms, then recreate it. Once you’ve got that down, take what you’ve learned and create something completely original. You’ll find your work is stronger for it! The best part is, it's FREE!

For more fantastic CLIP STUDIO PAINT "How-To" information, check out our blog tutorials and our our website for tutorial videos. And don't forget, the CLIP STUDIO PAINT forum is also a great resource for digital illustrators of all levels. Join the conversation!

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