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Interested In Creating Content For Poser?

Posted by Charles Taylor on Feb 18, 2016 9:27:35 AM

Having been immersed in the Poser universe for as long as I have, I frequently get asked questions about creating Poser content. I tend to shy away from answering those questions because the answer can easily evolve into a book. Many Poser users eventually want to expand their knowledge of the 3D animation program and content creation is the next logical step.

There are very specific work flows when it comes to content creation. Why work through those yourself? Fortunately, now you don't have to. Finally, I can answer those content creation questions by pointing to an all-in-one resource.

Lyrra Madril, a well-known Poser content artist recently released How to Make Clothing for Poser. This is a step by step guide that takes you through the entire process. There's no need to figure out the sometimes complex work flows as they are all laid out in this guide.

She leads the reader from a rough concept sketch to a fully rigged conforming clothing figure. The topics covered include advanced subjects too. Weight mapping, morphs and even dependencies are explained. The book doesn't stop when the modeling is over. She guides you through quality control, promotion and packaging a finished Poser product ready for distribution.

If you've ever had the itch to create Poser content now you can! Lyrra's book can lead you through the whole process. What will you create?


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