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AniMates Stickers now in iOS 10 iMessage Store!

Posted by Emmy Rey on Oct 19, 2016 10:30:31 AM

Smith Micro is pleased to announce the launch AniMates Stickers for the iOS 10 iMessage store!

Created by animator David Knight exclusively in Moho (formerly Anime Studio), this launch celebrates the release of new branded characters that will come alive not only in your iMessages, but also through various social media channels where you can follow their life and times and interact with them throughout their daily activities. 

AniMates tells a story of a boy, girl and a dog. Follow the lives of Jaxon, Harper and Milo as they discover each other and transform their home of Boringtown into a colorfu, playful, engaging world of dynamic messaging.

Follow our family on Facebook, Instagram, and be sure to catch them on their YouTube channel, so you can see what’s happening and what’s next. The release of AniMates Stickers is the first in a series of launches to take animated chat bot technology to the next level. Stay in touch with our characters to receive updates on upcoming launches, new family members and learn how you can participate in their lives.


With the ability to create GIFs with Moho we were also able to bring you animated stickers! You can now send your friends and family GIFs! Get started messaging with these new characters now, by downloading AniMates in the iTunes storeHere are just a few that are now available with the new AniMates release:


Get started messaging with these new characters now, by downloading AniMates in the iTunes store!

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