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Anime Studio Pro 11.2 is Here- Update now!

Posted by Emmy Rey on Jan 4, 2016 3:48:10 PM

Below we explain just a few of the newest features included in the Anime Studio 11.2 update! This recent improvement includes features like animated GIF exporting, the Sketch Bones Tool, and Additive Cycle, along with many others.

Export to Animated GIF (Pro Only)


Easily turn your animation into a GIF and share them with everyone! Animated GIFs are an extremely popular form of expression in forums and on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. GIF export has many advantages, including the ability to create it in a smaller file size and it's supported by nearly all web browsers.

Sketch Bones Tool 


The new Sketch Bones Tool allows you to create and animate bone chains by simply drawing a freehand line. It’s a totally new and fun way to animate, specially useful for animating long necks, tentacles, tails, etc. 

Additive Cycle (Pro Only)


In a normal cycle, a character always returns to its start position. With the new Additive Cycle, the software will calculate the new position of the character over each loop, automatically creating continuous movement. Just animate the first steps and the Additive Cycle feature will do the rest!

Anime Studio 11.2 includes many other new features, improvements and bug fixes! See the ReadMe for the full list.

If you have Anime Studio 11 you can get these updates free within the appication. If you have an older version of Anime Studio or you don't already own it head to our website to buy.

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