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Advice For Young Animators: 7 Questions for McCoy Buck

Posted by mspierings on Jan 12, 2016 10:35:30 AM

by Doug "The Crave" Craven

Young animators are eager to learn but it is sometimes difficult to find a community. That’s why the growing Facebook group, Anime Studio Pros is such a valuable resource for students. Created by McCoy Buck it is a forum for professionals using Anime Studio Pro. Started this summer, the group and spawned another group, Anime Studio Pros: Beginners, where new users can be mentored by the pros, including developers and staff of the program at Smith Micro Software.

I asked McCoy Buck about Anime Studio Pros and the importance of community and mentors in a young animator’s development. McCoy is himself a young animator, a 26 year old Business and Multimedia Technology student. He is a full-time instructor on Udemy teaching Anime Studio and other art related courses.


  1. What inspired you to start the Anime Studio Pros?

I wanted to find a community of Anime Studio users to share my passion and realized Facebook Groups could be one resource. After joining a few groups I didn’t feel like I was making the progress I was hoping for. I decided to start my own group.

  1. What is your goal for the group?

I want this to be the ultimate resource for those on social media to ask questions, share animations, tips, tricks and ideas Anime Studio related.

  1. Do you have a mentor?

Of course! My first connection was one experience that I will never forget and has also been one of my sources of inspiration: a former Disney and DreamWorks animator named Tom Roth. We met on the Lostmarble Forum. I had the privilege to go to his home studio and see a lot of his work and his desk that had the peg bars for traditional animation. It was the coolest experience ever!

  1. Have you acted as a mentor to young animators?

I create personal tutorials on YouTube, and have connected with both English and Spanish animators on Skype animators on Google Hangouts. I have reached more than 1300 students on

  1. Do you think professional animators want to help young animators?

Yes! Neilly Dubh, a former animator of BBC Alpha is a tremendous help to young animators. As an admin of Anime Studio Pros, Neilly has donated time, talents, and even examples to me and hundreds of other ‘young animators’ on the group.

  1. When approaching an experienced animator, what should a young person keep in mind?

They should remember that those who use Anime Studio professionally have put years and years into honing their skills. The only thing you should ask those that animate professionally is for constructive criticism to get better.

  1. What is your message to young animators wanting to enter the industry?

If you have a burning passion for animation, where you want nothing else but to be the best, do it! All professionals were beginners once. Persistence with purpose leads to success.

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