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Creating Frame-by-Frame animation in Anime Studio Pro 11

Posted by Emmy Rey on Feb 25, 2016 8:30:22 AM

Anime Studio has always been known for its powerful 2D bone animation system, but many users asked for the ability to create traditional frame-by-frame animation inside Anime Studio. That feature is now available in Pro version 11 and our product manager Victor Paredes explains how to use it.

Traditional animation is typically created with paper and pen, by sketching out every single frame. Some may think that this method is less labor intensive than using computer animation software, but this is not the case; the artist actually has more freedom to create.


With the inclusion of frame-by-frame (FBF) animation tools in Anime Studio, it’s easy to mix the best of bone rigged and traditional animation. You can create an entire FBF animation or simply add more depth to your previous animation, creating effects like water, dust, smoke, speed lines, etc. 

You are free to decide what style you want to create and the software will help you to make it possible faster.


The FBF tools are also great to plan your animation. You can make a rough sketch of your scene in movement and then quickly decide on changes in staging, timing, perspective or style.


Animation by José Rosado

Anime Studio gives you enormous creative flexibility. For example, combine vector animation with FBF, bind an FBF layer to a bone, use masking or even put your traditional animation inside a Particle Layer. The options are limitless!

All the features of Anime Studio can be used in FBF layers. You can use and create your own brushes and create re-usable Styles to control the color, line width, brush, effects and many other features all at the same time.

Check out this great tutorial on FBF tools created by Anime Studio user, Chucky on our official Anime Studio forum, Lost Marble. 

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