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Getting the Most From Poser Figures

Posted by Charles Taylor on May 13, 2016 6:00:00 PM

Poser comes with a huge library of ready to use free content. Even with that you may find you need something different as you try to tell your story. Fortunately you're not limited to just what comes with Poser. First you can tweak existing items almost endlessly. For example if you need several people in the same scene it looks a little funny if they all have the same face.

That's why we have so many customization tools. The easiest is the face room. It's a drag n' drop way to create unique characters in a few clicks. In a few minutes you can create a whole new face for any Poser figure. If you want more control we have the morph brush. Morph Brush is a "Paint the shape" type tool. It allows you to create a new shape completely freehand by "Painting" a new shape on any figure or object.

We supply premium content at our add-ons page on our website and there are hundreds of third party Poser content artists who sell ready to use content for Poser. Poser's in-app library system can actually search the available content from all of our partner sites. On the library's search tab there is a cloud search option. Turn that on and your search results will include content from all the partner sites. From there you can visit the partner's site for more details.

With all these content resources you're sure to find exactly what you need to tell your story with Poser!


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