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How Moho Stacks Up Against Toon Boom & Adobe Animate (Flash)

Posted by Emmy Rey on May 19, 2016 12:57:35 PM

Let's take a look at how Moho stacks up against the competition!


Feature comparison of Moho and major competitors

Get Started Right Away

Learning to use other 2d animation programs like Toon Boom Harmony or Adobe Flash is a long and tedious process. Getting started with Moho is a breeze that is guaranteed to take a fraction of the time. The skeletal rigging system is easy to use and can be easily manipulated to animate characters, simple drawings, or objects in your animation. The vast library of FREE video and sample file tutorials is sure to help you master powerful features and to start animating right away.

One Person Can Do It All

Moho Pro has a simplified pipeline. It empowers you to create your complete animation from start to finish within the application. You can import, design, draw, color, animate, add and record audio, add special effects and export HD quality movies all within Moho. 

Use Your Existing Art and Content

Bring life to your existing art and content within Moho Pro. Import your favorite images from your digital camera or import layered PSD files from any other application, attach bones and easily turn your existing content into animated movies. Moho Pro allows you bring in complex PSD files; supporting smart objects, blending modes, layer opacity and Real Time Media connection that is automatically updated when you make changes to your PSD files in an external application. Automatically trace images and convert your artwork to fully editable, ready-to-animate vector drawings.

Maximize Your Control

Moho Pro supports both skeletal animation and frame-by-frame animation, as well as many other styles of animation including cut-out animation and point animation. You can easily draw and paint on the intuitive vector-based canvas. Take advantage of Moho Pro’s unique Smart Bones technology to set up bones as control dials and maximize your control over all aspects of your animation. Organize projects with the timeline, keyframes and layers. Move your character naturally along the timeline with keyframes, creating smooth animations. Use multiple layers to edit your animation and add sound, special effects and more.

Collaboration and Sharing

Moho Pro’s Layer Referencing feature allows you to collaborate efficiently across teams and the animation pipeline. This is an amazing feature with no comparable feature within competing programs. You can also export to standard formats, including Flash®, Quicktime®, AVI and High Definition Video up to 1080p. We include presets optimized for iPad®, iPhone® and Android®.

Check out this great tutorial to see some of these awesome features in action!

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