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How to Create Motion Comics with MotionArtist

Posted by Emmy Rey on Mar 24, 2016 4:34:02 PM

We asked illustrator and animator R.D. Ricci to tell us a bit about how he started creating motion comics and why he uses MotionArtist to put his art in motion.

I’ve always liked the idea of motion comics because of the way it can transform a stagnant picture into a moving piece of artwork. Not only does it bring comics to life, but it also creates an animated interactive movie where the viewer can control the timing of scenes or just enjoy an animated sequence.

In 2013, I came across Motion Artist. I decided to create my own motion comic and began working on Ligeia the Vampire.

Not long after I started using MotionArtist, I realized I had found a new path in my professional life. Smith Micro created MotionArtist TV and I was able to embed my projects on a public website making it easy to share my work. I published the first 3 chapters of the series and over time it started to gain popularity. The first episode reached 5,000 people, the second 7,000 and the third episode reached 35,000 people in less a month!

The software is surprisingly easy to use too. With the HTML5 command, you can make the story or scene go wherever you want. The interface is very similar to a video editor and much easier to use. One of the biggest advantages of using MotionArtist is that it is an economical software at a fair price. The newest version allows embedding of files in Apple’s iBooks Author with a widget.  It also allows the user to create important segments of a website, with interactive banners.

MotionArtist is a wonderful tool for any digital artist interested in creating motion comics or interactive art!

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Happy Creating!

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