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How to Update Poser 11

Posted by Charles Taylor on Apr 11, 2016 1:11:59 PM

With the release of Service Pack 3, some may be wondering how to update 3d character creator, Poser or even to find out when there's an update available? Not to worry, Poser automatically checks for an update each time you start it! 

If there's an update, use the Download Manager (DLM) to get it. If you don't already have DLM you can get it here! 

The first time you use DLM it will need your serial number so it knows which files you have available to download. Put in your serial number and click OK. DLM will retrieve the list of files available for that serial number. After the first use DLM will remember your serial number for you.


What if you forgot your serial number? Not a problem! From the Help menu choose Personalize... There you will find your serial number. Copy and paste it into the DLM.

After DLM checks for available files there will be two tabs at the top of the window, Installers and Updates. You want the Updates tab. There should be two files listed in the Updates tab. One for Poser itself, the other, updates of the content that came with Poser. Click the Download button next to each file or the Download All button at the bottom of the window.

Each Poser service pack includes all preceding service packs. So if you are downloading SR3 but never installed any previous packs that's no problem. You do not need to go through every update.

Once each file finishes you can click the install button next to the file. You don't have to wait for all the files to finish before you start installing and you can pause and resume downloads as needed.

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