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How to Use Moho to Create an Animated Corporate Video

Posted by Emmy Rey on Feb 26, 2016 9:00:00 AM

We asked Rogério Boechat of Luva Animation Studio, to tell us why they started using 2D animation software, Moho and how it has improved their animation work flow.

LUVA is an animation studio located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We have been doing animation for advertising, music videos, feature films, TV shows and experimental films since 2008. We started using Moho, Anime Studio back then, in our work in 2014. 

Our first professional project we used Moho for, was in a corporate video for FGV, one of the top think tanks and higher education institutions in the world. We did all the character animation in Moho, with fully rigged characters.


This project really allowed us to see Moho's full potential and how it could greatly improve our work flow. Shortly after, we used it in two animated short series projects. We decided to do pilot episodes, to show future partners the look and feel of these projects and they fell in love!

The first series is "The Meaning Of." It stars three funny dogs with a mission to explain the meaning of unusual words for pre-school kids. As soon as we finished the script for the pilot, we started designing our characters: Scribble, Kite and Budda. With the series having a pre-school audience, we decided to use simple shapes and just a few colors for the dogs' designs. When all the layouts were done, we went to Moho to rig them. The Smart Bones feature really helped out a lot, and made animating the next episodes even easier. After doing all the animation in Moho, we used After Effects for some post production, and in only 4 weeks we had our first pilot episode! 

The Meaning Of - pilot episode from LUVA

Our next project: "Let’s Play Outside!" was a bit more complex. It required eight fully rigged characters. We stuck to the same work flow as we did in the creation of our first series and after only 12 weeks we finished the first episode in this series.

VAMOS BRINCAR LA FORA! episódio piloto - (LET'S PLAY OUTSIDE! pilot episode) from LUVA

With its ease of use, Moho has allowed us to work more efficiently and to get our projects to market quicker. This has in turn opened the doors to many new exciting opportunities. We are currently developing other ideas that will soon be pitched to our partners and other TV networks. Moho changed the way we work not only in our independent projects, but also with our professional clients. 

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