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How to Use the New Animated Shape Ordering Feature

Posted by Victor Paredes on Mar 14, 2016 3:42:34 PM

If you have ever experimented with Anime Studio, you know how useful the Animated Layer Order feature can be. It can be used to animate head turns, body turns, arm and leg movements or even to animate a fly buzzing around a character.

In version 11 this option has been extended to a single layer, so now you can animate the order of the shapes keeping your layers palette clean and easy to manipulate. This means, depending on the animation, eliminating the need to add new layers!

To use this feature follow these simple steps:

- Open the Layer’s Settings

- Go to the Vectors tab

- Check “Animated shape order”

Now every time you change the shape order, a new keyframe will appear on that frame and the order will be animated.

And since we love animated GIFs, check this little example/tutorial:

cat_animated_shape_order_2.gifAnimated GIF Shape Ordering Tutorial

And here is the complete Animated Shape Ordering Tutorial:


Don't forget, the Official Anime Studio Forum, Lost Marble is an excellent resource for information and artist collaboration. We also love to see what you create, submit your art to our Anime Studio Gallery!

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