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Joint Control Props & Adaptive Rigging in Poser Pro 11

Posted by Charles Taylor on Jun 9, 2016 9:35:55 AM

The newest version of 3d character creation program, Poser Pro 11added lots of new features! One of the largest additions is Adaptive Rigging. Adaptive Rigging means that no matter how drastically you morph the shape of a figure, the rig can be automatically adapted to work with the new shape in a few clicks.

Another new feature for Poser Pro 11 is Control Props. Control props allow you to create a handle for invisible body parts. Pauline the New Poser female is the perfect example (see image below). She uses control props to control her face rigging.

Now, you might think that when you mix these two there could be problems. In a drastic morph where the size of the figure changes drastically the Control Props wouldn't be in the right places any more. That won't happen; the Control Props will "stick" to the body when you enable the adaptive rigging.

The new teen morphs for Paul and Pauline show this in action. The teenagers are a whole head height shorter than their adult counterparts. The Control Props for the face remain right where you need them. The best thing is, you don't need to do anything to use this feature, it's all automatic!

These features and many more make it fast and easy to tell your story with Poser! 

Happy Rendering!

pauline & teen render in new summer dressesRender of Pauline & Teen in new summer dresses!

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