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Get to Know Moho 13!

Posted by Matthew Yakshe on Jul 17, 2019 7:00:00 AM

If you’re checking out this blog, then you’ve more than likely heard or seen something about the release of Moho 13 and you want to learn more.

This blog is going to introduce you to the platform, answer some of the most common questions we get asked about Moho, take you on a tour of the new and refreshed features, and provide you with some fun tutorials to get you started. It’s like speed dating without any of the awkwardness. 


What is 13? Moho 13 (formerly known as Anime Studio) is a robust, comprehensive 2D animation platform that enables you, the artist, to bring your wildest imaginations to life. The goal behind the creation of Moho 13 was to take everything we learned over the years, along with feedback from artists like you, and create animation software that easily brings what you imagine to life. So many of the other platforms (we won’t name any) make the artist tailor their creativity to the platform. Steep learning curves and even steeper price tags keep artists from truly being able to express themselves and create what they love.

Moho 13 is different. In fact, we believe Moho is so different that it will forever change how you animate. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional animator or you’re just getting started. Moho will let you unleash your imagination.

What’s new in 13? The latest version of Moho doesn’t just offer new features. 13 is all about taking the best parts of the animation platform and making it even better. Here are just some of the new and improved features you can expect to see in Moho 13.

New features: 

  • Bitmap Frame by Frame Capabilities
    Create traditional style animations directly in Moho by combining the new Bitmap Tools with Image Based Frame-by-Frame Layers. Also optimize your experience by creating a storyboard or animatic right in Moho.
  • Bitmap Freehand Drawing Tools
    Create unique textures and effects for the characters and objects you create right in Moho using our built-in default bitmap brushes. Control bitmap brush output based on velocity, direction, and pressure. Use the Bitmap Fill Bucket Tool to quickly fill and color in large areas of pixels when creating backgrounds or altering the color of an image layer texture.  
  • Bitmap Freehand Brush Tool
    Moho now has bitmap drawing capabilities! Texturize your characters and objects right in Moho using one of Moho’s default brushes or create a custom brush using the new Brush Manager if you’re a Moho Pro user.  
  • Custom Bitmap Brush Creation 
    Give your animation the exact style you want right in Moho by creating custom Bitmap Brushes. Create brushes with the look and behavior you need for your project by editing a variety of brush settings within Moho Pro’s Bitmap Brush Manager. Then easily import and export them to use them with others and across devices.   
  • 3D Objects Light Manipulation Support 
    Get increased control and support of manipulations and render settings with Improved 3D Object Support. Modify 3D object material settings and textures and bring greater cohesion between your 2D and 3D assets within Moho by adjusting your imported 3D object’s lighting source, ensuring both 2D and 3D objects have a matching perspective.   
  • 3D Object Material Properties Support
    See better object previews during camera manipulations and modify a 3D object’s material properties. Get the look that best fits your projects with imported 3D objects using these new material editing options and toon shading controls. Get more support in controlling and removing the pre-defined output options.
  • New Actions Window 
    Get organizational control of your actions in Moho Pro by using the new Actions window. Create groups, tags, search using keywords, sub-words, and Boolean operations (“+” & “-“) for more precise searching. Then sort the actions, create a custom sorting logic, or filter actions by type (Regular, Morphs, Smart Bones).

Who is it for? As we mentioned above, Moho 13 is the go-to choice for professionals and beginners alike. We understand artists at different levels need different tools, so we’ve created Moho 13 Debut and Moho 13 Pro. As you can probably tell, Debut is going to be the version of Moho for those artists who are just starting out or animate as a hobby. Pro, on the other hand, is for the professional artists who needs powerful tools, a customizable and streamlined workflow, and the ability to create without limitation.

Moho Comparison

There’s someone we want you to meet! Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with Moho 13, we want to formally introduce you to our six, amazing new characters. Meet Zorbatron, MoMan, Wu-ud, Brushling, Mophibian, and Mohony!  These new characters are funky, fun, and ready to help bring your animation to the next level. Check out our introduction video below.

Oh, by the way, we almost forgot to mention that Moho 13 is packed with FREE content just for you! Check it out here.


FAQ: As we told you earlier, we wanted to spend a few minutes answering a couple of the most commonly asked questions regarding Moho 13. So, let’s get started.
  •  Which devices are compatible with Moho 13?
    • Mac and Windows devices work with Moho 13. For a full explanation of system requirement, please click here.
  • Can Moho 13 be used offline?
    • Yes, it can. You have the option of both online and offline activation. You will have a seven-day grace period before activation becomes mandatory.
    • If you choose to do an offline "Manual" activation, Moho will require an activation refresh every 180 days and you will have a seven-day grace period to perform the refresh. For more information about product activation, please click here
  • Can Moho be stored on a USB drive?
    • No.
  • Can I simply upgrade to 13, or do I have to buy a new license?
    • To upgrade to Moho 13, please click here.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen! From features and tutorials, to editions and characters, you're on your way to being a Moho master. We hope you enjoy Moho 13 as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you. Sound off below and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. If you would like to get your hands on a copy of Moho 13, click here
As always, thanks for checking out our blog and we hope you're ready to unleash your imagination. 


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