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New Moho 12.1 Update is Here!

Posted by Victor Paredes on Oct 19, 2016 10:19:21 AM

Since the release of Moho™ 12, we have continued working to improve it. We've listened to user feedback and have added many new features to the software. This FREE update for Moho Pro 12 and Moho Debut 12 owners includes more than 100 fixes, improvements and new features which help to have a more consistent work flow. 

To download Moho 12.1, simply open the software and go to Help -> Check for updates menu.

Perhaps the biggest improvement made in Moho Pro 12.1 and Moho Debut 12.1 is that they are both now localized in English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese. It also includes many bug fixes and new features. Having the software available in five different languages is important to us, because Moho is one of the most popular 2D animation programs in the world. Therefore, we understand how important it is to offer the software in a variety of languages. Many animators will now be able to use the software in their own language, which makes a huge difference when it comes to making Moho easier to learn and use.

Moho Pro 12.1 Update for Macintosh & Windows

Some of the new fixes and features for Moho Pro 12 are:

  • Improved smoothing for freehand strokes
  • Use of multi-touch for navigation only
  • Dockable Keyframe window
  • In the Layers panel, you can now convert an image sequence layer to a switch layer via the 'Convert to Switch' item on the context menu.
  • New ‘4K Ultra HD’ and ‘4K Digital Cinema’ dimension presets and much more.

Moho Debut 12.1 Update for Macintosh & Windows

Fixes and new features for Moho Debut 12 include:

  • Better smoothing for freehand strokes and
  • The option to enable/disable auto-weld ends
  • Implemented optimizations that can significantly speed up playback
  • An option to use multitouch for navigation only. Also added some thresholds for view angles to prevent unwanted rotation.

Please Note: This update overwrites your existing Moho 12 installation. You may be asked to enter your serial number again after installing version 12. Please refer to the Read Me text file for more information on enhancements, bug fixes and improvements.

Again, To download Moho 12.1, simply open the software and go to Help -> Check for updates menu.

If you want to know about this release in greater detail, please visit the announcement in the Moho official forum.

Get Your Copy of Moho12 NOW!

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