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Poser Included Content Now Comes with Vendor Resources Info

Posted by Charles Taylor on Feb 29, 2016 2:48:43 PM

In the Poser Universe, we often build off of each other's works. To encourage that kind of environment we announced that the new Poser figures are officially vendor resources. In the SR2 update for Poser 11 (released January 26, 2016), we amended the EULA to include the new Vendor Resource terminology. Presently this is just for the new P11 figures, Paul and Pauline. We hope to add more to that list.

As Vendor Resources, content creators can use the mesh, textures and character files in their own works. 

I've already fielded a lot of questions over what is and isn't allowed for with the new Vendor Resources. First off, right now only the new figures, Paul and Pauline are classified as vendor resources. The rest of the content is still defined as "Restricted". Hopefully we'll be able to add more vendor resources in the future.

That means Paul, Pauline, their clothing and all the related Geometry, Textures and Character files are resources. You can use these assets as the starting point for any derivative works. An excellent example of this is making new clothing. A clothing creator can start their clothing mesh by cutting it out of the figure mesh, which is an easy way to start tight fitting clothing. Sometimes it's easier to cut the shapes for the clothes out of the target figure. That's exactly what we have in mind.

What is not allowed is simply re-distributing the unmodified figures. Exporting a stock figure and selling it at Turbo Squid is completely restricted.

Add your artistic talent to the ever growing world of content for Poser. To learn more about Poser visit our website.

What will you Create?

Learn more about Poser Vendor Resources and my full interview with Renderosity Magazine.

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