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Poser is Your Complete 3D Character Design Solution

Posted by Charles Taylor on Nov 11, 2016 1:44:41 PM

Poser is the most complete 3D character design suite for the money. While other solutions may offer similar tools they come in the form of expensive plugins and by the time you've completed a working tool set you will have spent quite a bit. Even then, the plugins may not give as much power because they are aren't as tightly integrated as Poser's tools are.

For example, Poser includes a powerful tool called the Morphing Tool. It allows you to "paint" morphs or shapes on any figure or prop right inside Poser. If you are familiar with zBrush it has a similar work style. Poser does include GoZ for zBrush as well, but the built in Morphing Tool does things GoZ just can't. The Morphing Tool can combine morphs, working with existing morphs to create the desired look without creating an entirely new one. It can also edit existing morphs so you can refine a morph to get the exact look you're after.

Another example is Poser's Dynamic Cloth. It includes a complete set of tools to convert a simple prop into a dynamic cloth simulation. Because it's built in, it is very smooth and it includes tools like "wind" to make the cloth look more realistic.

Pauline-Summer-Dress-2-05.pngExample of a rendering using the wind tool to make her clothes look more realistic.

Pauline render by Tempesta

When it comes time to render your creation Poser has four powerful rendering options built in. This gives you an amazing array of finished render styles ranging from our hyper realistic physically based SuperFly render engine to the highly stylized, even impressionist, images possible with Sketch Designer and the Sketch Render.


Renders by Tempesta

Poser is your all-in-one character design, rendering and animation solution!

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