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Quick CLIP STUDIO PAINT Tip: How to Paint with the Gradient Tool

Posted by Emmy Rey on Sep 14, 2016 1:33:29 PM

Here's a quick CLIP STUDIO PAINT (formerly Manga Studio) tip on how to use the gradient tool.

Painting with a smooth gradient.


  1. With an image open, select the [Gradient] tool.
  2. In the [Sub Tool] palette, select the gradient you want to use. You can create your own or use one of the provided presets.
  3. Click and drag to begin the gradient. Release the mouse button when the line is the desired length.
  4. Note that the [Gradient] tool works with and without a selection.
  5. In addition to the [Gradient] tool, you can also use a [Gradient] layer.
  6. In the [Layer Menu], choose [New Layer] then choose [Gradient].
  7. Drag the line as desired. You may also alter the colors used.

Take a look at this quick little tutorial on how to shade using the gradient tool.


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