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Poser Version 11.0.3 Now With CPU Mode Support

Posted by Charles Taylor on Apr 22, 2016 2:54:13 PM

Poser Service Release 3 now supports the new render engine, SuperFly, in the render queue. Poser Pro owners can now harness the processor power of the computers of their networks for FireFly renders.

It was a big challenge getting consistent results on a wide variety of hardware. We've overcome those issues for CPU renders. Poser Pro 11 users can harness the CPU power of other computers on their local network. We're looking forward to adding GPU support too in the future.


When updating render nodes you can use the Queue Manager Remote Node Installer. It's available via the Download Manager. Just put your Queue Manager serial number in the Download Manager and it will display the latest Queue Manger Remote Node Installer.

You can learn more about this update and get the download manager on the Poser Updates Page.

And don't forget, our new official Poser forum is now up and running head over to our site and join the conversation.

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