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The Latest on the NEW Poser Enhancements!

Posted by Charles Taylor on Oct 6, 2016 12:19:21 PM

The latest Poser 11 update is now available! Here are some high points of the Poser 11 Service Release 5 that are sure to make your Poser experience that much better:

Poser 11.0.5 Significantly Enhances:

Morph creation and editing workflow to prevent confusion between creating and editing morphs. There is also a new menu command on the contest menu for morphs to directly edit that morph. We also added a function to convert a morph to “Post-Transform” which makes morphs easier to edit. This is the perfect complement to the convert to “Pre-Transform” added in Service Release 4 and it also makes Joint Controlled Morphs work more smoothly.

Several rendering enhancements are included in this Service Pack. Background rendering is now supported on in SuperFly CPU and GPU. The amount of memory used in GPU renders has been decreased. This makes low end GPU cards work better with SuperFly. Final rendering support for in-scene measurement tools, has been added as well.

We’ve added drag and drop of supported images directly to the Material room. You can also open the folder containing the image directly from the Image Manager. These new features make it easier to find and load texture maps.

Additionally, the library search has two new sort orders, “Most used” and “Last used” making it easier to find the content you use most.

Service Release 5 Minor Improvements and Fixes:

It has improved compatibility with legacy content that contains self-referenced dependencies. The morphs on some legacy figures didn’t work as expected so we've made sure that is fixed now.

The Physical Surface Node now has a scatter group control. This gives improved Sub Surface Scatter results.

The graph palette has a reset button. In the lower left corner of the graph pallet, click to reset the graph to its normal display range. See below:


Download Poser 11 Service Release 5 now to take advantage of these great new enhancements!

Get Poser Pro 11 Now!

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