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The Making of an Animated GIF in Moho - Updated

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Mar 28, 2018 11:31:00 AM

This was originally published in May 2016. We thought it was pretty cool and wanted to bring it back to the forefront as it shows the versatility of the Moho application and how different artists are using Moho.



We asked Moho Artist Emanuel Rodriguez to explain how he made his Zen Froggie GIF. And though it may seem like a simple GIF, he explains that the process is a bit more in depth. To accompany his explanation, he also shares a 2 minute time-lapse video of the actual animation process – from conception to completion. Enjoy!




For this GIF I wanted to do the character animation as fast as possible. I used three great Moho features to help me with that:

  1. The clean and hassle free imports from Photoshop. They preserve layer hierarchy, scale, and position so I don’t have to redo steps inside Moho.
  2. Moho allows me to draw each bone where I want it knowing that with the “Use Selected Bones for Flexi-Binding” option, I will be able to choose what bones control each part of my character.
  3. Finally, I use the powerful Smart Bones feature. Being an animator involves constantly switching between being an artist and a problem solver. Smart Bones allows me to focus on the movements that I want and all the technical aspects of each pose. Once I start the animating process, I’m able to concentrate on timing.

Rigging and animating characters inside Moho becomes a natural process. It's the fastest and most enjoyable part of the production. Even if that production is just for a two-second GIF!

Thank you Emanuel! Check out the "Making Of" video for this GIF below! Follow Emanuel on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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