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The NEW Moho 12.2 Update is Here!

Posted by Victor Paredes on Nov 14, 2016 1:56:09 PM

Since the release of Moho™ 12, we have continued working to improve it. We've listened to user feedback and have added many new features to the software. This FREE update for Moho Pro 12 and Moho Debut 12 owners includes fixes, improvements and new features which help to have a more consistent work flow. Moho Pro & Debut 12.2 Update for Macintosh & Windows

This Moho Pro & Debut 12.2 update includes support for the new Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Dial. Five new modes have been included to use the Surface Dial off and onscreen: Undo, Zoom, Canvas Rotation, Smart Bone, Stroke Width and the new Overlay Timeline, which allows you to navigate time and animate using the entire screen.

mike clifton creator of Moho

The creator of Moho, Mike Clifton demonstrates how Moho works with the new Microsoft Surface Studio.

Moho Pro & Debut 12.2 is also now localized in Japanese, along with English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese.
It also includes many bug fixes and new features, such as a more intuitive zoom behavior and improvements to Switch layers.

In addition to the improvements above, the Moho Pro 12.2 update also includes scripting access to more elements of the software; the new Layer Comps window, which allows you to create and edit Layer Comps more easily and use them as Timeline visibility sets to quickly see different groups of layers in the Timeline and much more.

layer comps window

The layer Comps window.

layer comps window docked as a tab

The Layer Comps window docked as a tab next to the Style window (at the right of the screen).

Note: This update overwrites your existing Moho 12 installation. You may be asked to enter your serial number again after installing version 12. Please refer to the Read Me text file for more information on enhancements, bug fixes and improvements.

Get your FREE update now!

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