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Tips for Creating Effective Poses in Poser

Posted by Smith Micro Blogger on Apr 26, 2017 1:30:00 PM

Cameron Gray is an ARIA Award nominated artist from Melbourne, Australia. Internationally recognised with exhibitions around the world including New York, California, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Canada, Hungary, Latvia, London, Paris and Switzerland. Cameron's collaborations include companies including Warner Bros, Sony Entertainment, E1 Entertainment and more. These are his tips for creatnig effective poses using Poser:


Have A Plan for Your Poses

Understanding what you’re aiming to achieve with each pose and scene will allow you create the most suitable and effective poses for each situation. Plan out your scenes, looking at how each angle alters the perspective and feel of that pose. This helps you see multiple steps ahead in the creative process, being able to figure out where all the additional elements and objects will fit into the final piece. Aim to form a clear image in your mind of what the completed piece will look like by continually experimenting with the pose of each figure. Sometimes what you initially had in mind doesn’t work compositionally when you see it in front of you, and that’s fine. Analyze why a pose might not be working, and keep looking for that sweet spot where composition, form, and messaging all work together to create an effective pose.



Intimacy and Connection

Creating the right connection between the characters in your scenes is a key to an effective pose. Pay special attention to the pose of individual fingers on the model, hand gestures, shoulders, posture and the head movement. Lighting and shadows should complement the pose you’re creating. Use your own body as a model to study how your hands and limbs rest on objects. Pick something up and notice how your fingers, hands and arms form and shape themselves to the different weight of those objects.


Use Camera Parameters

Camera parameters in Poser are a powerful way to bring a sense of dynamic energy to your scenes. In particular, experiment with the Focal Range controls while adjusting the perspective sliders, camera dolly, orbit and zoom with each iteration. Adjusting the field of view of a pose can turn an ordinary pose into a dynamic one, bringing objects closer to the lens and bringing your pose to life.


Study The Human Body

Possibly the best way to build your skills for posing models effectively in Poser is to study human anatomy and the form of the human body through movement. As a traditionally trained artist I still have piles of books from my art school days about human anatomy, drawing the human body and the study of perspective. This knowledge and traditional skill set continues to be valuable to me today as a digital artist, and are a wonderful assets when creating a scene in Poser.


Lighting and Shadows

Lighting and shading has a great effect on the mood and atmosphere of your scene and in particular the pose of the models. Poser has a solid range of light sets to get you started and I recommend playing with these and experimenting with different light strengths, highlight colors, directional lights, etc., as well as creating your own sets. Adding the right kind of light to your scenes will add depth and texture to your figures, accentuating the pose, making it more vivid and dynamic.

Review, Reflect, Refine

Continual experimentation, learning and refining of the above tips will help to master your poses and skills to create dynamic and engaging pieces of art utilizing the Poser software. Each time I complete a piece I then begin the process of reviewing the artwork, taking note of what worked well and what I can improve on in the next piece. I pay close attention to the details in the figures, their poses, posture, composition, lighting, shadows, emotion and type of engagement with the viewer.

Constantly critique your work by looking for ways to refine your skills and add additional capabilities to your toolbox. Allow yourself to learn the skills and techniques you need to create effective poses for your figures and you will very quickly see the results of your efforts.


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