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Using Smart Bones For Everything!

Posted by Victor Paredes on Mar 22, 2016 3:04:46 PM

Smart Bones is one of the greatest and most unique Anime Studio Pro features.

Using Smart Bones can reduce or entirely remove distortion around your character's joints, specifically around knees and elbows. 

The best part is, Smart Bones is not a premade effect you apply to the joints, instead the joints will work exactly the way you want, because you have control of the movement. So you can create brawny arms or even make them in rubber hose style.

Smart Bones in action:


Smart Bones in action.

This is just the start you can also control any animated channel of Anime Studio, so the possibilities are endless. For example, quickly create head turns, simulate 3d movement, animate hands, blinks, mouths, machines, whatever you want! Just create the bone and it will act as a lever that will make it much easier to repeat complex movements. You can even combine different Smart Bones to create a totally new interpolation.


CDCdyQjWAAANi8K.pngControl images using Smart Bones

Smart Bones give you the ability to control Switch layers, Layer order, Layer visibility, Follow path, Flip layer horizontally/vertically, Stroke exposure, Shape effect positioning, Shape effect parameters (like gradient colors), 3D thickness of vector shapes that have been converted to 3D and even more.

Check out this great Smart Bones tutorial:

To learn more about Anime Studio Pro 11 head to our website.

Happy Animating!

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