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Video Game Creation for Beginners: Steps 9&10

Posted by Emmy Rey on Sep 2, 2016 2:38:59 PM

Have you ever wondered how PC video games were made or how to turn an idea for a game into reality? Wonder no more! Indie game developer and Poser lover, Neil Jones explains his formula for game creation success in this 'Video Game Creation for Beginners' blog series. He goes step by step in detail on how he used video game software, Poser 11 from conception to creation. In this post he explains final steps 9 and 10, Game Environment and Game Testing. For information on Steps 1 and 2, see The Idea and The Games Design Documentsteps 3 and 4, see Concept Art and Poser and the Concept Stage, for steps 5 & 6 see Modeling and Animating and for steps 7 and 8 see Programming and User Interface.

9. Game Environment - Levels

Once the core programming is done and if working in a small team where responsibilities overlap, I’d suggest this would be the stage to start developing some of your game levels.

It’s at this point you may need to develop the environment models in conjunction with the level design. However this depends on the size of your team and responsibilities of team members e.g. a larger team may have a dedicated modeler creating the assets in parallel to other tasks.

10. Game Testing

Whist it appears testing might begin late in the development cycle, I’d recommend you test thoroughly as you create each component. It's better it’s tested early in the development cycle then there’s less chance of finding annoying issues as you begin to game test.

10.5. Feedback

When you have a built a package of the game that other people can play, I’d recommend finding people who will give honest and quality feedback. I believe if you can find just a few people who can give quality feedback, this is far better than releasing to a large group. In my experience I've found only a small percentage of the larger group even bother to respond.

Consider all of their responses and try to incorporate their suggestions when doing your final edits. It's important to keep in mind you might be too familiar with a bug, that you forget it’s even there, whereas to someone else it might be a big deal.

Now that you have the game creation steps to success, go out there and create! 

Good Luck!

For more information on how to use Poser in your game creation process check out our game dev tutorial below and head to our Poser Uses page.

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